Social media


Oh dear!
I fear I’ll seem so old,
A grumpy, sour-faced, middle aged scold
And with this world I’m out of kilter
But I detest you
Snap-chat filter!

I liked my daughter’s face much more,
The way it looks in life before
Your harmless app just rearranged her
Morphed into a plastic stranger!

I know you’ll say it’s just some fun
But I can’t be the only one
Who wonders if it’s trying to say
Your face should look another way.

If only I could make you see you just the way you look to me.
This selfie-pose you girls perfected leaves personality neglected.
This airbrushed skin, tiny chin
Nose that almost isn’t there
Vacant, doe-eyed, big-eyed stare
Can’t come close, cannot compare
To the face I see each day
Dear to me in every way.

I just must trust that, being clever
You’ll not be fooled by this, not ever
To start to think your face should be
Like this re-pixeled parody.

I guess that all I mean to say is
When you love a face this way, it
Makes you feel, well, kind of cross
That, rather than just adding gloss,
This cyber bully should see fit
To make you look a simpering twit!

The Land of Facebook

I’m always smiling on Facebook
Witty and Laughing Out Loud.
I’ve got lots of friends here on Facebook
Hundreds and loads – quite a crowd.

My children don’t argue on Facebook
They’re always adoring and happy.
I’m never a grumpy-faced cow here,
Never short-tempered or snappy.

The sun always shines here on Facebook.
We’re often on hikes in the wood.
My life is one great round of parties and fun
My children are always SOOOOOO good.

It’s not that I’m lying,
Not really,  not quite,
It’s just that I’m showing me
In my best light.

I wish I was REALLY as nice as I look
And always lived here,  in the Land of Facebook.