But One

I am but one
One pixel in a 7 mega mega pixel picture
Just one, in such a vast array.
Does one pixel even have a say
In what the whole picture may be?
Can one pixel ever even see
The big picture
Restricted as its view is?

7 billion pixels seem close to an infinity
One pixel more, or just one less,
Can’t make creation from this mess
Where every pixel gets free choice
Of what its nascent colour is.
It doesn’t know
It has no say
If dark, dark night or brightest day.

Why bother then?
Why even try?
I am but one.


I am one.
And, if I choose, I can be
One spark reflected in the sea,
One tiny little bit of sun.
For no other dot, not even one
Can choose my hue
For just like you
I can be,
Any shade I wish to be.

And each day brings another chance
To light my light
To dance my dance.
And if, today, I’m feeling grey
Tomorrow is another day.

You’re not made one shade
And  fixed in varnish.
You’re made of stuff
That doesn’t tarnish.
You’re made of stuff
That’s free to glow
With any colour that you know.

And if, around you, all is stark
Your speck of sun, seen from afar
Might look a little like a star.

And if, around you, everyone
Decides to be a speck of sun
Just think how bright it could become.

I am but one
But, I am one
And as I’m one, I will be
The best one I can try to be.

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