Do it now

What really matters in our lives
Rarely makes the news.
The news is full of bully boys
Shouting out their views;
What really counts is people,
And how much people care.
It’s smiles you get, and smiles you miss
From those no longer there.

The news will make no mention
Of our friend who passed away.
It won’t matter to the nation,
No matter what I say.
There won’t be a day of mourning
No cannons will be fired
No parade will close the streets
To mark this life expired.

There’s only this small group of us
Who know, or even care:
The world has got a hole in it
That nothing can repair.
It may not be a big hole.
Do you notice it at all?
But the world is all the worse for it,
No matter that it’s small.

He was good and he was kind
And he always made us smile.
Angus, we will miss you, mate,
Now, and all the while.

The truth is, we will all of us
Before our short life ends
Bury half our family
And nearly all our friends.
Tell your friends you love them.
Don’t think that it can wait.
Tell them now, this moment. Now.
Before it is too late.

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