Wisdom is …

Clever can be cruel indeed
But wise is always kind

Wisdom is the gift of years
Not everyone accepts.
It comes from freely giving out
More wealth than you have kept.
It comes from loving fearlessly
Even when it hurts.
It comes from not expecting back
Efforts you exert.

Wisdom can’t be measured;
Wise people would not try.
Wisdom’s no commodity;
It’s nothing you can buy.
Don’t ask me where to find it
I haven’t got it yet;
Though I’ve seen many glimpses
In the people I have met.

Wisdom isn’t cleverness;
Please don’t confuse the two.
There’s people not in main-stream school
Wiser far than you!
Not mutually exclusive but
Do you, like me, find
That clever can be cruel indeed but
Wise is always kind?

Crash-course quick-fix wisdom
Is nowhere to be found
But live life with an open mind and
Wisdom’s all around.

An old fool is a fool indeed
That much I can glean.
We’re born wise and we die wise
And we’re foolish in between.

If we stored up wisdom,
Instead of chasing gold
Maybe we would treasure more
Good people who grow old.

If we valued wisdom
As much as we do wealth
This planet, and its people, might
be in better health.

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