Judge not

If our path is hard to find
We must choose the way most kind

I have no right, my fellow men
To ever judge. No. Nor condemn.
My teacher (who knew more than me)
Instructed us: Let judgement be.
There is no complex moral code.
No book of rules to be followed.
Only love. Then love some more.
Love your neighbour.
Your God, adore.

My teacher’s word has set me free.
I don’t judge you.
You don’t judge me!

I claim no right to speak for all.
You don’t have to agree this call.
But if our path is hard to find
We must choose the way most kind.

It helps us not, all this debating.
From outside in, it looks like hating.
It’s time to put aside this fight
Cling to love with all our might.

What matter what people get up to in bed?
Maybe it’s time that we focus instead
On everyday things. The ones we all do.
Bad things that I do, I know you do too;
Like judging or smudging each other’s good name
Or shaming each other;
Attributing blame;
Or playing our parts in corporate greed
Wanting more stuff that we don’t really need;
Closing our minds, our hearts and our borders
Selfishly building self-serving world-orders.

Nobody’s perfect. Sure, we must try.
Let others alone.

Can’t pick dust from my eye
‘Til you open your own.

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