From me

It’s been the honour of my life to be your mother
To hold your hand inside my own
To be a part of how you’ve grown
To love and be loved in my turn
To grow
to hold
let go and

I’ve been a sister (not the best)
I always was much too impressed
And just a little bit in awe
To tell you how much I adore
The memory of times we spent
Walking Bob.
I recall the scent
Of Hornby trains’ electric pong
Those rare times when we got along
And you allowed your little pain
To turn the dial and drive the train.

I’ve loved each moment I could spend
In company with you, my friend.
We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve talked for hours
My friend – you gave me superpowers!
You gave me more than I can tell
And though we know each other well
The stream of words does not run dry
Though all the men still wonder why!

Life, at times, is quite surprising
No-one sees their own horizon
If things aren’t quite the way I’d planned
Would my young self understand?
Not famous, published
Barely read
No-one hangs on words I’ve said
Certainly not my grown-up kids

Do what you do, not what I did.

So it goes on, day after day
And well, you know, it beats OK.

There really are not words enough
To cover all the lovey stuff.

To Dan, to friends, to family:
Thank you
for putting up with me.

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