It’s weird, this apprehension that Twitter needs me watching.
I feel, through my attention, there are evil plans I’m scotching
From grasping politicians and many other various
Seeders of sedition and pressure groups nefarious.

But Twitter is a twisted window on the wider world
It shows a land where lie-trees grow and insults can be hurled
Freely, with impunity the facts morph into fiction.
We think we have immunity, then fall into addiction.

I fear that if I close my eyes, fail to scroll or click
Bad things will materialise. I’ve fallen for their trick.
I can’t resist this urge I feel, to fight a culture war.
I’m losing track of what is real – I can’t tell any more.

We know the dark is rising, and the brave few have revealed
Truths big corps were disguising. It’s a virtual battlefield.
But the most important battles are the ones we have to fight
With more than tittle-tattle, outside in bright daylight.

Put your money where your mouth is. Time to put your big-girl pants on.
Time to protest like the youth is.

OK now

My rant’s done.

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