One moment in time

How often have I thought, “If I could but be caught
Out of time,
In one time,
For all time,
Make it now!”

But how?

One moment cannot last forever; no sword can sever the hands of time.

You wish that time would freeze, and you could squeeze this moment:
Hold it tight, print the sight: save it, engrave it
Tattooed in your brain to visit again
And again.

This one moment when you suddenly see that there can never
Never EVER
better than this.

Angels kiss

What triggers this moment for you?

An incredible view at the end of a climb?
Knowing that I’m here by your side?
The perfect ride? A blazing sky?
The way birds fly?
A wedding? A baby?
The feeling that maybe you’re touching God’s grace?
The smile on a face that’s only for you?
A small hand in your hand?
A love that is new?
Family? Friends? Travel or home?

The list never ends. We could fill up a tome
Or two
Yet, the moments are few.

And only you can open your eyes and realise
Is your moment. The moment for you
To seize
And squeeze
And hope lasts forever but

they never do.

For just as you try to distil the feeling
It’s stealing away.

The light changes. The smile goes. Time passes. The child grows.
The image drifts in my head, the moment is dead
And gone.
The world moved on.
Bright fades to black.
We can never go back.

And as it fades, are you afraid that THAT was IT?
Life’s best bit?
Gone, behind
And never NEVER will you find
That feeling again?

and there will be pain?

Don’t be afraid.

The memory’s made.
The moment was real. The feelings you feel live on in your heart
And that’s a great start.
Build your store of hope, and you will cope with more,
For you know that tomorrow may well bring you sorrow
or pain

But there’s your reason to carry on
Even though THAT good time’s gone, another one will come along.
It will.

Be still.

Only one rule is clear and explicit
Keep your heart open – you don’t want to miss it!

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