​There’s worlds of truth in Dr Seuss:
It’s utterly true that today you are you
And no-one on Earth can be you-er than you.

I love these words, and all they say
About our unique DNA
But lose the value of this prize
When buried under layers of lies
Of clan and country, tribe and race,
Of wars about who owns what place.

Why, I’m related by bonds of birth
To every single soul on Earth

A mere six-hundred years ago
Every Tom, Pierre or Mario
Each young Sofia, Ann or Esther
Share the same single ancestor.

As recently as that, you see?
We’re one big, messed-up family.

And each European who was alive
[Whose family line continues to thrive]
A thousand years ago
Is not only great Gran or Grampappy to me
But to everyone I know.

Does it mess with your mind to know you’re related
To all of the people that you’ve ever hated?
[and also to everyone you’ve ever dated?]

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