In memory of Hazel

Of late, she forgot, but we will not.
You were there inside her:
handle-bar rider.
Hard to tell at first:
Your mind travelled,
Thoughts unravelled.
Then you’d burst through in a smile
And stay for a while.


Extraordinary ordinary life.
A sister, a mother, a wife.
Creator and grower
Teacher and sower
Guide-leader and baker
Gifted card-maker.

The reason that those who met
Could never forget Hazel was gifted in giving.

No matter how heavy the task
However much life seemed to ask
She loved, smiled and gave
Her all.
Gently brave.

Disease so cruel
Slow-burning flames, that take, for fuel
Your story, our names
And spew claggy smoke.
We choke.

Clouds cleared
As we feared
You were gone.

Love lives on.
And waves of smile sparking smile,
Sparking grin, sparking laughter
Still spread through our world and on ever after.

The gentle beauty in your face ever shone through
You made our world a lovelier place
By being you.

If every smile you gave the world
Sparked another,
Maybe you changed the world
My (flower-fairy) godmother.

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