Human Kind

‘We’ are an amazing team!
We’re every dream that people dream

When oh when will we all see?
There is no ‘them’.
There’s only ‘we’.
There’s only us to know or care.
Us to make the world more fair
There’s only us to help each other
Each a sister,
Each her brother.

It is not ‘they’ who poison bees
Nor ‘they’ who spoil life in our seas
It’s us and each and everyone
Doing what can’t be undone.

But there’s power
In being
Able to say
Once and for all,
That there is no ‘they’.

We cannot sit
And wait
And wait and see.
All alone or selfishly
Interested alone
In me.

Self-protection blocks connection.

Please, oh please, do not mis-hear
Don’t feel bad.
One thing is clear.
Once we accept communal blame
We rule out individual shame.

And ‘we’ are an amazing team!
We’re every dream that people dream.
We can do astounding things!
We have given people wings.
We heal,
We build,
With Love inside us, we are great!

Love inside.
Now there’s the key.
Love turns people in to we.

Look for hope, and you will find
In Love
In human kind.

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