My contacts

I’ll not delete your name.
Not yet.
I want to remember you.
Not forget.

Looking for a number.
And there you are.
Right there.
I stop.
I’ve not scrolled far.

Your name.
And I am knocked.
World rocked.
And I’ve forgotten why I came.

Once more, I wonder what to do
My thumb just hovers over you.
Deleted so cruelly, yet still in a list.

Sense says remove you.

I resist.

A foolish hope, mere delusion,
Yet I cling to this illusion:
That I could ring;
Make a choice to hear your voice
Like that.
Just chat like we did.
Pass the time.

Who am I kidding?
I sigh

I’m still havering,

When I find I’m remembering calls we’ve had.
Before it got sad.
Laughs in the past.

And I smile.
Ever the kidder – you!
No need to consider.
I know what I’ll do.

I’ll not delete your name.
Not yet.
It’s good to remember.
Not forget.

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