A man with no honour
Can feel no shame.

He might be the best at
Playing the game.
He might get top scores in
Every test.

There’s times he’ll convince us
He’s simply the best.

But a man with no honour
Is all about ‘face’.
He has no foundations to
Hold him in place.

A man with no honour has
No inner voice,
No reason for making an
Unselfish choice.

A man with no honour can
Feel no remorse.
There’s no selfish action
He wouldn’t endorse
Provided that action sees
Him come out right.
He makes no excuses. His
Might is his right.

It’s not at all pleasant –
Feeling ashamed –
Your insides in turmoil
Face all enflamed.
But after pain passes
A lesson is learned:

You won’t play with fire once
Fingers get burned.

It’s precisely this that
Society’s for:

Men not bound by honour must
Be bound by law.

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