The Mash Report

Sir Boris was the World’s Worst Knight:A shabby flabby sorry sight.Chivalry?What a bore!He held himself beyond the law.Bolstered by entitled Chums;Peasants kept down under thumbs.Sir B despised the lowly hordes;Slipped hidden tithings to his Lords;Poor folk were bent to rich folks’ whim.In short, the world’s worst knight was him! The Village Inn was called ‘The [...]

Dodgin’ & Skivin’

I’m helping my country to tackle tax dodgers. Step one: Simply find out where Jacob Rees-Mogg is. Step two: Ask him kindly if maybe the fact isHe despises his country too much to pay taxes? Step three: we explain that we all understand.After all, he has witnessed corruption first-hand.I guess he’s reluctant to hand over [...]