It’s real. It’s true
True as you are.

Here you are.
And how’ve you been?
It’s been just ages since I’ve seen you.
Can’t you stop? Just stay a while?


Passing through.

But there’s your smile! You’ll share a cup?
You’ll sit a bit. Yes, sit and sup
Have food with us.

I know you’ve said that you can’t stay,
That you’ll away.
You’ll away and catch your bus
And when you’ve left, I’ll be bereft.

But, now;
I have this moment, now. Not past.
And though I know it cannot last
Now is not the time to think.

For though, tomorrow, I may sink in gloom
And feel, once more, that sense of doom not quite defined
A shade impending.

Now your unending kindness shines:
Banishes doubt, scatters fear.

I am safe…
…and you are here.

You are now.

What will come, will come, I know;
But for now…

…for now, you’re here

You’re here and now.
Here in this place, my face aglow.

The warmth I feel
It’s real. It’s true
True as you are.

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