I’m a patriot, it’s plain.
I’ll make my nation great again.

It’s Germany in ’33.
I’m voting for simplicity
For promises I understand: a future sunny uplit land.

It’s optimism that I choose!

Of course, I’ve heard about the Jews
They live here but they’re not like us, they’re foreigners we just can’t trust.
Complex problems, simply blamed – exciting rallies, crowds enflamed.
I’m voting for the loudest voice.
But, really, there is no good choice.

Dull warnings I will just ignore – distracted by a culture war
While bolstering my nation pride – our history is purified.

I’m voting for prosperity; jobs for all the family.
I’m voting same as all my friends.

I see the now, not where this ends.

I’m a patriot, it’s plain.

I’ll make my nation great again.

3 thoughts on “Great

  1. I have been reading some of your work. Thanks for this. It gave expression to how I feel about things at the moment. This piece about ‘33 resonated as we could easily go down that road if we are not vigilant.


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