Abba Father

How can there be You
and war?

Abba, Father,
Where are you?

I’ve looked and searched the whole week through
But I can’t see you anymore.

How can there be You
and war?

Where are You when bullets fly?
When old men send young men to die?
When bombs rip hearts and homes apart?
When truth and justice play no part?
When mothers clutch their babes in fear?

My child,
For I am here.

I am every helping hand,
Each open home in every land.
I am every loving word
Written, spoken; each prayer heard.
I am every gift you send,
Every comfort, every friend.
Look inside your heart:
I’m there.

I’m the reason that you care.

Look not for me in evil deeds;
I am like the poppy seeds.

I am Love and ever near.

Be still, my child
For I am here.

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