Twitter addict

I don’t think I’d make a good God

I think I’m addicted to Twitter
I’m not sure it’s good for my soul
For hours I’ve been known just to sit here
I scroll and I scroll and I scroll

It’s not like there’s nothing of worth here
There’s nuggets of gold to be sure
A bit like those needles in haystacks
But covered in piles of manure

I think about checking my phone now
My fingers are starting to twitch
It’s getting so hard to resist now
The urge to look making me itch

I’ve learned lots of things here on Twitter
You sometimes don’t hear on the news
It isn’t all misinformation
Or weird hippy dippy fringe views

There’s space here for brave whistle-blowing
Speaking of truth to ‘The Man’
There’s people oppressed, or down-trodden
No voice, yet they carry the can

There’s science and beauty and laughter
Yet day after day after day
The weight of despair sinks me lower
I don’t think I’m doing OK

There’s rich people being, well, shit heads
Earnest folk begging we care
There’s lawyers appealing for order
And scientists warning – beware!

There’s people with heart-rending stories
Trauma, and damage, and pain
There’s fascism rising around me
I fight it
But fight it in vain

I’m starting to feel like I’m drowning
I can’t fix the World on my tod
I’m constantly crying or frowning

I don’t think I’d make a good God

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