I have never

I have never stood, plaster dust in hair, looking for my home, though it’s no longer there
I have never felt the earth shift beneath my feet, nor had to face the complete loss of all that I held dear
Never been traumatised – frozen by fear
I have never seen my home bulldozed or had to leave all of those who care for me.

I have never not been free to go where I wished, nor had a world willing me not to exist.
I have never held my daughter’s hand as we left behind dry land, nor pretended I wasn’t scared of the water – the dark deep sea, as she shivered by me,
My daughter.

It’s possible I never will. My river of life may flow smoothly downhill.
But what if I do?

Where would we go if once we could manage to slip away free, who would there be to speak out for me?

Please, Lord, let us never forget that even the people we haven’t yet met are real – they feel, they hope, they hurt, they cry

As I would too if in their shoes,
As I would choose to try to find my brighter day
In any way I could
I would.

Wouldn’t you?

Go tell Suella
We can yell a slogan too
Here’s a slogan just for you:

Say it loud and say it clear
Refugees are welcome here.

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