The Household Fairy

I love that you’re an optimist
You think that fairies might exist.
A household fairy just like Dobby, who’s
Happy as about his job he goes
Picking up your fallen clothes.

He loves to gather stinky socks
Or empty out an old lunch box.
Your breakfast bowl and empty cup
Fly on their own to be washed up!

I’ll bet he smiles at finding your
Brown and dusty apple core.
He picks up, empties and puts in
Things that bounced out of your bin.
He whistles as he puts away
The things that you’ve left as they lay.
And every day at half-past six
He causes supper to exist

And when you wrinkle up your nose
Poke the food, and ask, ‘What’s those’?
He doesn’t mind, why would he care?


There’s only me, and just like you
There’s other things I have to do.

So if you’d like a house more cheerful
And avoid another earful
Simply do each little task
Willingly, before I ask.

Basically, just have a think
Put dirty dishes in the sink.
And could you put your clothes away
Not just once, but every day?

If you don’t like your supper, and you don’t want to offend.
I know I’ve told you not to lie, but it’s OK to pretend!

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