Life is like a journey

‘Life is like a journey’, at least that’s what they say
I guess, as an analogy for learning, that’s okay;
Though we’d describe it better, I’m sure that you’ll agree,
As a journey on a cruise ship through a sparkling silver sea.
And I hear the food’s amazing,
and the air is sweet perfume…

But we’re never going to find out,
Cos we’re in the engine room…

And all we’re doing every day is shovelling the coal;
It’s dark and we’re exhausted, and nowhere near our goal.
And I get a sinking feeling, and I’m trying not to panic,
But it’s a possibility this ship is the Titanic!

And even if, by lucky chance, we make it safe to shore
We might just find we can’t get back to where we were before
I’ll turn to my fellow stoker, my face obscured by grime,
And wonder if I knew him once, once upon a time.

It’s time to cut the engines, to say ‘Oh what the heck?!
What’s the worst thing that can happen if we all go up on deck?’
Go where the currents take us, let’s forget the race,
Take a look around us and
just enjoy this place.

Sod the bloody engines!
Let’s go for a swim
In shark-infested waters
On a wistful childish whim.

Sod our destination!
Have adventures on the way.
Single-minded purpose leaves us little time to play.

They say that life’s a journey, let’s be more exact
Life is work and work is hard, and that is just a fact.
But I’ve done work I’ve hated, and I’ve done work I love
And I know I’m the lucky one, cos when push comes to shove,
There’s moments when it’s clear to me, there’s times I have a choice:
Look down in gloom to bleak despair – or look up and rejoice.

Let’s jump ship together, look up and grab the rope
That’s hanging from a sky ship flying on the winds of Hope.
For even on the darkest day in rain and pain and gloom
Love can give me wings to fly from any engine room.

2 thoughts on “Life is like a journey

  1. Wow. Fantastic poem. Loved it!

    They say that life’s a journey, let’s be more exact
    Life is work and work is hard, and that is just a fact. – I fell in love with these lines. This is exactly the way I think about life.

    Thank you!

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