I suffer from the sin of Greed
I crave more time…
…more time to read!

I wish the chores would do themselves:
Clean clothes and plates fly to the shelves.
I wish the work took fewer hours
Or needed not my mental powers;
That children had no need of me
For an hour, or maybe three.

I wish to find a comfy chair
Or just perch here upon the stair.
To not be needed for a bit;
To have some time to simply sit
With a book, for an hour;
Each word, each phrase I will devour.

The words in books are living things;
The covers give them angel wings.

It seems I have but one ambition
A serious need, a lifelong mission:
To take these words and set them free
To live their lives inside of me.

Should I feel guilty for this greed?
Is it OK to sate this need?
I’d like to hope a word might root
And deep inside my soul give fruit.

Put good words in, and there’s no doubt
There’s much more chance of good words out!


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