Good Enough

I’m not all that observant.
I’m always missing stuff.
When did that silent ‘not’ slip in
In front of ‘good enough’?

You did your best? That’s … good enough.
You got an A? That’s … good enough.
You’re tired today? And feeling rough?
Your life is tough?
You’re … good enough.

It’s poisonous, that little ‘not
It’s sapping all the fun.
Now good enough’s not good enough
Not for anyone.

We all demand perfection
Each and every day.
The whole world says that nothing less
Could ever be OK.

For now, we can’t be happy, not with ninety-five per cent.
The ‘not’ came before ‘good enough
And out the good times went.

Perfection’s not achievable,
we know this to be true
And yet, we’ve all convinced ourselves
that nothing less will do.

We’re all told, in the ‘wealthy West’: “Settle not for second best.”

Take this moment for reflection: who gains when you seek perfection?
Is it that you’ll spend more cash? Buy more stuff? Look more flash?
Do you gain in heart or soul by chasing this evasive goal?

This struggle for perfection can only end in tears.
No-one has achieved it yet, not in two-thousand years.

Chasing ghosts and contentment are mutually exclusive
I’m replacing perfect chasing
with a goal much-less elusive.

Good enough is GOOD ENOUGH!
You don’t have to agree;
It may not be enough for you

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