Power and grace

Mrs May, please remind
Your colleagues to choose to be kind.
It’s possible to be polite
And win in this political fight.

They shout and bluster, brag and bray
They seem to show that it’s OK
To be rude each time they disagree.

As they behave badly, well, so do we.

If there’s a mistake, then educate,
Don’t resort to words of hate.
Tell us facts, build a case.
Show us how to act with grace.

Calling names?
Childish games?
These powerful men should be ashamed!

Did their parents never teach them how to show respect?
Did their school days not prepare them to use their intellect?

Debate is not this poisonous sniping
Nor stabbing backs,
Nor endless griping.

Listen more,
Argue less;
And this country of ours might get out of this mess.

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