Please don’t get sick

Let’s not get sick, but if we do
I hope these words abide with you.

Please don’t get sick, for if you do
I’m not allowed to visit you.
No vigils kept while patients slept,
No last goodbyes.
Good sense denies
That anyone could hold your hand.

I wonder, would you understand?

And you – though of strong stuff you’re made –
Would you be lonely and afraid?
While we, at home, apart from you,
We would be sick with worry too.

Please don’t get sick, but if you do
Please know our love is there with you.
Recall to mind the cat-flap pup
The songs we sang while washing up.
Remember us, though we’re not there,
It’s not through choice – and we do care.

We all will fall one day – we must
We’re not immortal – made of dust.
With this in mind, I’ll say my bit.
I love you – you old grumpy git!

If I get sick, please don’t despair
I won’t be on my own in there.
My faith goes with – on every ride
I know that God is by my side.

And while I know you can’t conceive
Just how on Earth I can believe
In this, old mumbo-jumbo stuff;
For you, this faith is not enough –
You don’t believe, but that’s OK.
I’ll know God’s with you anyway.

It comforts me, so let’s not fight
We both of us know ourselves right.

Let’s not get sick, but if we do
I hope these words abide with you.

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