Small hope

It’s lost.
It’s gone.
It got so small
It slipped my grip;
I felt it fall.

I think I blinked
And it was gone.
I’m not too sure how I go on
Without its glow

My heart grew dark
The future grim, austere
Too stark.

Please, help me look.
Has it gone far?
A cloudy night,
A tiny star,
Beyond my reach,
Beyond my ken?

How to hope for hope again?

5 thoughts on “Small hope

  1. Hi

    Loved your poem … of course hope was what was left in Pandora’s box and all the other contents were a curse on mankind! There was a very good ‘In our time’ with Melvyn Bragg a while ago.

    I was lucky enough to do a weeks walking in the Lakes this summer and with everything going on wrote this

    Across crags and pikes

    Storm clouds steal my thoughts away

    To far unknown fells


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    1. Thanks Rick – I love your lines here. Yes, they capture that feeling brilliantly – transport you to the Lakes. ‘Far unknown fells’. Love it.
      I will also check out your In our time recommendation on BBC Sounds too.
      I never lose hope for long, but recently, I must admit, it’s been harder to hang on to.
      Just writing about it helps. Words, hey?


  2. Ali

    Yes … words! The composing of my Lakeland haiku allowed me to change and play with individual words as I walked for miles and miles … loved Spider! Walking and words … now there is a truly powerful combination!


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