So, when
You’ve won the War on Woke;
What then?
Will you pause? Perhaps rejoice?
No more to give your conscience voice?

What is it, though, you hope to win
When decency is all done in,
When compassion falls in death,
When kindness draws its final breath
When every good is gone – bereft
What of worth will then be left?

What is it you are fighting for?
The right to ignore the voice of reason?
To do as you please, just cos you can?
To fiddle as the fires burn?
To spurn learning?
Ridicule wisdom? Call it dunce?
And then once it’s too late;
Too late for our recovery plan
What then?

Will you be happy when you’ve won?
When the worst is said and done?
When you invest in cruelty
When ignorance is running free
When selfishness alone holds sway
When rule of law is done away
When dogs of war have been let slip
And havoc brings dictatorship

What sunlit land can we expect?
And who will you cry War at next?

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