Buster, being quite some cat,
Caught himself a baby rat

Buster, being quite some cat,
Caught himself a baby rat,
Brought the baby rat inside;
Cat played seek, while rat played hide.

Rat set up a squeaking wild;
Woke up oldest sleeping child.
Oldest child wants help to come.
Oldest child woke up her mum!

Mum came stumbling in the dark
Tried to save rat – such a lark!

Put the cat out on the mat;
Turn to see the little rat
Climb inside the box of shoes.
What a helpful place to choose!

Empty shoes out one by one.
Isn’t this a lot of fun?!?
Who needs sleep when you could be
Saving baby rats like me!?!

Found the baby rat, at last.
Tried to catch, but rat is fast.
Coax the rat into a box
While it poos on all the socks.

Explained to child: I can’t let
Her keep Rattie as a pet.
Say goodbye and close the lid
Else Rat makes a freedom bid.

Gave the child one-handed hug
Crossed the grass – stepped on a slug
Let Rat go beside the fence
Thinking that, if I had sense,
I’d stay in bed, let the cat
Eat the stupid baby rat.

I’m a wimp, so there you are.
Think I saw a shooting star!
Does this mean that I’ve been blessed?
God, I need a good night’s rest!

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