Fascist’s fatalistic trap

Historic warning writ up large:
When shameless people got in charge
With no regard for rule of law
And then started a culture war;

When truth became opinion-led;
When public minds were daily fed
By propaganda’s lie-machine:
Bold slogans hiding what they mean;

When fears of ‘other’ were well-stoked
While voices of concern were choked;
When ‘strong’ men played at power games
While fear and rage were both enflamed;

When human life lost all value,
And there was nothing you could do
But die yourself, or look away;
And there was nothing left to say.

It can’t have been just purely fate.

Was there a time before ‘too late’?
When writing first showed on the wall?
When people still could, one and all,
Choose not to back the populist.

See the danger – and resist.

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