If Nurses ruled the World

Please grant me a world where people are paid
According to how much they do
And not by how much they are willing to steal
from good folks like me and like you

One day
you too
will surely be
in need of human kindness
Believe me then, you’ll realise
 that a world that’s truly wise
Makes sure to always have enough
 nurses for the lot of us
Without needing strikes to remind us

I wish the only way to be
gifted with celebrity
was caring for the elderly
and giving back their dignity

Grant me a world where what you put in
counts for much more than what you get out:
Investing in people gives great returns
And good deeds are what life’s about

You want to be a millionaire? Fine, then choose a job in care!

Wouldn’t the world be much more darned healthy
If only kind people could ever get wealthy?

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