It seems we’re a nation divided;
Each side thinks the other side vile.
It’s almost as if we’ve decided
To all go on Jeremy Kyle.

Each side tries to shout out the loudest,
Though often with little to say.
They both try to stand up the proudest.
The whole world looks on in dismay.

The press takes the role on of Jezza:
Displaying a clear lack of tact.
Stirring us up with such pleasure
While rarely respecting what’s fact.

Remainians call you a fascist
And tell you you’ve got it all wrong.
Brexiteers tell us they’re biggest
And moan of your socialist pong.

Fighting spills out from the stage now,
For Scotland has voted to stay.
Remainians shout out in rage now,
“You idiots killed the UK!”

One positive shines through the foul mess
As insults fly fast through the barrage:
We might get a free DNA test
For the b*****d they call Nigel Farage.

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