Season’s Greetings

It feels so good to stop at last,
To slow the clocks that run so fast.
When strivings cease,
And hearts feel peace:
The real Christmas gift.

It’s strange that rooms so full of laughter
And houses filled up to the rafter:
This chaos farm
Can bring us calm
And give our hearts a lift.

Fairy lights can banish gloom
And brighten up the dullest room.
A tree inside
(The dust to hide),
Permission to have fun

The Christmas food is just delicious.
There’s company to do the dishes
While kids all play
And we will say
‘God bless us, everyone.’

And if your cares can’t go away,
Not even for this special day,
I hope you know
That sorrows go
And you’ll return to cheer.

For life will turn and turn again
And there will be an end to pain:
Great joy and hope
(Soap on a rope)
So put aside your fear.

The good times roll, ain’t that so?
Roll down to where we’re feeling low.
So fill your cup
And lift it up:
‘New Hopes in a New Year’.

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