Populism creates the schism

The dark’s appeal
Is very real
And every voter plays a part.

Lest we forget how it began.
It’s never just one single man,
But discontent,
A people bent,
An economic rescue plan.

The start of power’s steady gain:
A cunning covering campaign.
The trumpets sound.
A cause is found.
Let’s make our country great. Again!

And many folk who’d not before
Been to a rally, cheer and roar.
They chant as one.
It’s clearly fun.
But what is it they’re cheering for?

At first it looks like nation pride
But something dark is hid inside.
They’ve twisted views.
They twist the news:
Truth and science both denied.

They tell us what we want to hear
They play upon our hopes and fear.
The populist
Will just insist
That he is right and all is clear.

And always there’s someone to blame.
The ‘other’. Someone not the same.
A human being’s
Way of seeing
Each other – puts us all to shame.

We know the ending off by heart
But fail to comprehend the start.
The dark’s appeal
Is very real
And every voter plays a part.

I do not have a crystal ball.
I know not where the end will fall;
But I’m afraid
This path we’ve laid
Brings violence rising round us all.

One thought on “Populism creates the schism

  1. Although you do not have a crystal ball, we all know where populism ends. Plenty of contemporaneous examples and historical ones. I lived under one in my youth – and a true believer – and I am grateful every day for having had the scales fall from my eyes!


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