The meek

The meek will inherit the Earth. Perhaps
But only after all those other chaps
Are done with their fun
There’s work to be done
We’ll clear up the mess after the collapse

The meek will inherit the Earth, yes indeed,
But maybe not soon. I fear what you need
To win an election
Or public affection
Appears to be arrogance, loudness and greed.

The meek will inherit the Earth; but of course!
It’s not very likely we’d take it by force.
A military coup
We just wouldn’t do
There’s no harsh solution the meek could endorse.

The meek will inherit the Earth? Yoo hoo!
I’m here; I’m ready. I’m not sure it’s true
So long we have waited;
Are we frustrated?
For no-one has noticed me. No, nor you.

It’s lovely to think that the meek might inherit
We won’t win by force, could we get there by merit?
Too often is meekness
Seen only as weakness.
You think it the same if you choose to compare it?

It takes fearsome strength to choose to be mild:
To not rise in anger, or rarely get riled.
It’s only the strong
Admit when they’re wrong
And take that first step to be reconciled.

It’s hard to stay meek in a binary fight
With rights labelled wrong, and wrongs sold as right
The lies we are told
Make violence more bold.
Slowly the meek slip away from our sight.

When meekness itself is what’s under attack
Is there any mild way to humbly fight back?
Courageously meek?
Turn the other cheek?
Firmly and gently calm down the wolf pack?

The meek will inherit the Earth. But who
Will be the bequeathers? Hmm? Will you?
Move in from extremes
Build worlds of our dreams
Choose who it is we will give the Earth to.

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