The Salesman said:

Roll up now. Roll up. Come buy Christmas Cheer.
Come buy your Brand New Doohickey right here!

“I have this Doohickey. This Wondrous Doohickey.
This bringer of Joy and Delight.
You want this Doohickey. You need this Doohickey.
It’s Marvellous
and Bright.”

“With this doohickey, you’ll never be bored.
The future is Perfect and you’ll be Adored.
Your toil will be ended. The Hard Times are done.
Life will be Pleasure
and Plenty
and Fun!”

You want this Doohickey. You need this Doohickey.
We queue up for mile after mile.
You get scorn and pity without a Doohickey.
You’re Worthless and Lacking-in-Style.

The Doohickey did what was promised – and More.
Who knows how we kept ourselves busy before?
This Doohickey gives instant total distraction
An utter, complete, though short-lived, satisfaction.

When all those who wanted one had a Doohickey
Our Salesman knew just what to do!
He made up some stuff the Doohickey found tricky
And brought out a Doohickey-Two!

But there, in the small print, which nobody read,
In paragraph ninety, it quite clearly said:
The use of Doohickeys is quickly addictive
It’s subtle effects are concerning, restrictive

And making Doohickeys increases pollution,
For which there is no kind of easy solution.
Doohickeys help people to turn a blind eye
To mines for Doohickey bits where children die

And let’s never mention how hour after hour
Our Doohickeys burn through phenomenal power.
This Doohickey trend cannot last many years
It’s likely indeed it will all end in tears.

I have this Doohickey. This lethal Doohickey.
This bringer of Lie after Lie.
You want this Doohickey. You need this Doohickey.
But don’t ever stop to ask why!

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