The Human Race

Throughout the years, not much has changed
The winners have it all arranged

You’ve joined us for the Human Race
I wonder who will take first place?

The route’s the same for everyone
It’s all uphill – a mad-tough run.
We cannot see the end from here
The final stretch is never clear.

With millions on the starting line.
Not everyone is looking fine.
Some children still try to compete
Though they’ve got nothing on their feet.
While others wear smart running shoes.

It’s not as if they get to choose.

There’s barriers to overcome.
This one is carrying her Mum –
Picks her up each time she drops her.

This one has a helicopter.

The crowd won’t let the girls take part.
Their disappointment breaks my heart.

And, this one said he had a dream
He assembled quite a team!
Together they were looking hot.
Perhaps that’s why that man got shot.

Throughout the years, not much has changed.
The winners have it all arranged:
From their great height they get to choose
The few who win
And all who lose.

It takes much more than skill and speed
For any poor child to succeed.
The winners won with things this way
And that’s they way they’re sure to stay.

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