Mate’s rates

It pays
I would say
to have one of their own
always right there
at the end of the phone

Excuse me
while I get this straight
for I would hate
to add to the misinformation
plaguing our divided nation
but is it the case that Rishi the Rich
decided to ditch the taxes for banks?
I’m sure his old colleagues, the bankers, said thanks
Isn’t that great?

It pays to have one of their own at the end of the phone
in charge of the money.

And isn’t it funny that Rishi the Rich
also decided that he would not ditch
non-dom tax loopholes or insist we trace
money that ends up all over the place
like in a tax haven

so rich folk, like him, could, legally keep
millions in money?

It seems a bit steep – that he’s so concerned
about hiding the billions that he never earned

Cos I think, forgive me, but surely the fact is
the person who’s in charge of setting our taxes
shouldn’t get carte blanche for making ours higher
(holding our children’s feet over the fire)
while he wriggles around in each possible way
of making sure him & his wife do not pay.

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