Good Enough

I’m not all that observant. I’m always missing stuff. When did that silent ‘not’ slip in In front of ‘good enough’? You did your best? That’s ... good enough. You got an A? That’s ... good enough. You’re tired today? And feeling rough? Your life is tough? You’re ... good enough. It’s poisonous, that little [...]

Power and grace

Mrs May, please remind Your colleagues to choose to be kind. It’s possible to be polite And win in this political fight. They shout and bluster, brag and bray They seem to show that it’s OK To be rude each time they disagree. As they behave badly, well, so do we. If there’s a mistake, [...]


Just like gold grows not old Love Mellows. Light that yellows as shadows lengthen: Love can strengthen. Year after year growing more dear; Still dearer yet than when first met. Love tints sight with Golden light. Always we will hold you so Bathed in loves warm Golden glow.