The witch’s cat

There’s a reason he walks with his nose in the air
And a general demeanour of ‘Devil may care’

There’s more to this feline than first meets the eye
Of course, he is flawlessly groomed, ever fly;
Of course he is fearless, with scimitar claw
Steely of reflex, and flashy of paw.

But more than that, he is a master magician
This magical creature displays erudition
With each feat successful & highly spectacular
He’s mastered the mythical magic vernacular.

His gaze has a power (he, only, knows how).
He utters an Alakazam-like Miaow;
With patience eternal, he channels his mood,
And the plate that he’s glaring at fills up with food.

And though human creatures are larger than him
(Clumsy, despotic, demonstrably dim),
His magical prowess has helped him to find
The power to make them move – just with his mind.

He controls human movements. He can do more
With telekinesis he unlocks each door.
His control over humans so wide and so deep
They do his desires awake or asleep.

With one magic word and enough concentration
Larry the Cat could control the whole nation!

His only frustration, which drives him insane,
He’s yet to discover the spell that ends rain.

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